Med Center on the Move


Would you like to save money?  Are you looking for ways to fit more exercise in your day? Would you like to reduce pollution and traffic congestion in Omaha? Have more fun?

Then let’s get the Med Center on the Move!

Med Center on the Move is a campaign this spring to encourage Med Center employees to try taking an active mode of transportation for one of their commutes each week.

That’s it, just one trip per week!  You pick the day and the mode that works for you.

Whether it’s walking, taking the bus, biking, carpooling or a combination of modes, active transportation helps keep you healthier AND cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. This campaign aligns with the City of Omaha’s Midtown on the Move, an active transportation campaign for all of Midtown.

If saving money, decreasing stress, and increasing your health isn’t enough of an incentive, we have prizes:

Between April 17th and June 30th, sign up for TravelSmart* and have a chance to win a free bike tune-up at Ponderosa Cycles, a gym/travel bag, a Camelbak water bottle, a walk/bike safety light, a drawstring backpack, or a hot/cold beverage tumbler!

If you’re already a TravelSmartie, refer a coworker for a chance to win a 20-minute massage from the Wellness Center, a walk/bike safety light, or a zippered padfolio!

*We encourage any employee or student to use active transportation.  However, please note that only employees and students at the 42nd and Dewey campus are currently eligible for TravelSmart.

Did you know? TravelSmart offers….

Please note that you do NOT have to give up your current parking permit, nor do you need to use active transportation every day to participate in TravelSmart or see the financial benefits.

Speaking of financial benefits, have you ever wondered how much you spend commuting to work?  We have a calculator!  Just plug in your numbers and the calculator will tell you how much you can save, based on which option you choose and how often you use it.  It will also tell you if you will save more money by keeping your current parking permit or turning it back in.  You don’t have to do what it recommends, it’s just helping you to make a decision.

Did you know?

  • Moms and dads with kids to drop off and pick up use TravelSmart
  • Students and colleagues with inconsistent schedules use TravelSmart
  • Business professionals use TravelSmart

… and so can YOU!

If you are interested in active commuting but don’t think it will work for you, contact us. We are happy to help you with trip planning an answering any questions.

Already using active transportation or ready to get started?  Register here!