Energy Curtailment Days: take action to reduce energy consumption on campus this summer

Energy curtailment is an effort to reduce the amount of energy used when extra stress is put onto energy systems, such as during periods of high heat or humidity. The med center uses energy curtailment days throughout the summer to ensure other systems can function. 

During these days, the med center community is asked to reduce their energy usage in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Closing shades, blinds, and curtains whenever possible to reduce solar heat gain
    • If you are on campus, but your neighbors aren’t, please help by closing their window coverings and turning off any lights or equipment you can
  • Lowering lighting levels where possible, and turning off lights in unoccupied areas/when leaving a room
  • Turning off and unplugging all electrical equipment not in use (computers, coffee makers, printers, chargers, etc.)
    • Charging equipment after 7:00 PM
  • Shutting fume hood sashes when not in use (remember: “Shut the Sash!”)
  • Opening doors manually instead of using the ADA buttons, if possible
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, if you are able
  • Reminding others to make these simple changes alongside you!

Taking part in curtailment days is crucial for the med center because it:

  • Ensures the continuity of essential systems for critical hospital and research functions
  • Reduces pollution: lowering your energy usage reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses produced, which have harmful effects on people and the environment 
  • Improves the health of the entire community: creating more energy on the grid supports people receiving services they need and lowers the effects of health concerns caused by the burning of fossil fuels and other climate-related impacts
  • Saves money: reducing your energy usage can decrease the amount of money the med center spends on those utilities. If a large amount of energy is reduced, the med center may have more funds to spend elsewhere
  • Supports the med center’s sustainability goals: achieving Net Zero emissions requires all of the med center community to reduce energy consumption and create sustainable systems

Some other important information related to energy curtailment at the med center: 

  • To report spaces colder than 66 degrees or warmer than 78 degrees, call 2-3347 (Nebraska Medicine) or 9-4050 (UNMC).
  • Patient care and research spaces are not affected by energy curtailment.

To learn more about energy curtailment at the med center, please visit the LiveGreen guidance page

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