2017 RePurpose It Contest Entries

Thank you for voting!  Your winners are:  

  • Grand Prize, Winner of popular vote:
    • #1 Bret Gardner, MD/PhD Student; Cedar fence pieces into dining benches.
      • Receives a 20 minute chair massage from the Wellness Center ($20 Value) and $25 Gift Card to Union Junktion Store.
  • Second Place in popular vote:
    • #31 Cynthia Pickinpaugh, Patient Financial Counselor, UNL Health Center; Toddler bed into garden bench
      • Receives a $20 HyVee gift card courtesy of Sodexo
  • Third Place in popular vote:
    • #19 Deana Sorgenfrei, Prof Coding Sr. Assoc, Orthopaedic Revenue Cycle; Fire pit lid to solar gazebo chandelier
      • Receives a hot/cold tumbler, Bobble filtering water bottle, and 8GB USB drive
  • 2 Winners selected by LiveGreen Ambassadors:
    • #11, Tuire Cechin, Program Coordinator for Path/Micro, IPID; Wall sheeting, lumber scraps, pallet pieces, netting, hollow plant stems into a pollinator house.
      • Receives a $25 gift certificate to The UNMC Bookstore
    • #4, Patty Ostronic, Volunteer Services Lead; Wedding Dress into pillows, tree skirt/bag, sachets, wreath, and rosary bag
      • Receives a $25 gift certificate to The Company Store

All entries still shown here:


#1 Cedar panel fence pieces repurposed to become rustic dining benches.









#2 Old pajama pants become ‘man cave’ bolster pillows.








#3 Paper towel tube, PB, seed, and a little string makes a good bird feeder.










#4 Wedding dress was sealed up (in the way and not seen), so it has been repurposed to pillows, sachets, a Christmas tree skirt, bag for the tree skirt, wreath, and bag for rosary and wedding memories.
















#5 Cloth flour sack repurposed to a curtain for a door.












#6 Creamer containers repurposed to keep bulk purchase items fresh and easy to dispense.











#7 Pickle bucket repurposed to a recycling container for small cardboard.










#8 Old pallet modified into a Halloween sign/decoration.













#9K-cup filters joined with embroidery floss and sewn into a custom holiday ornament.














#10 Bird cage and dog kennel decorated to become planters (with some protection and built in drip trays) and patio decorations.










#11 Leftover wall sheeting, lumber scraps, pallet pieces, netting scrap, and hollow plant stems combined to make a pollinator (bee) house in the garden.












#12 Gallon juice jugs make protective greenhouses for the garden.








#13 Wooden crates stacked/attached and cut, with leftover counter top modified to become a functional vanity.













#14 Plastic bottle cut with top placed into bottom because plant/seed starting pot with drainage reservoir.










#15 Pallet and netting turned into a movable compost bin.













#16 Broken concrete pieces from a patio and driveway replacement become a rock retaining wall.
















#17 Fall themed candle holders from a variety of wine glasses, painted and with leftover floral leaves.










#18 Plant starter made from egg cartons with leftover lettuce and celery ends.







#19 Fire pit lid and solar lights becomes a chandelier for a gazebo.

















#20 Pop bottles cut and painted as flowers, with scrap copper for stems; can be interior or exterior decorations.
















#21 Giftbag with stickers and tape makes a waterproof and reinforced lunch bag.












#22 Old t-shirts and denim jeans repurposed as a quilt (and memory keepsake).










#23 Copy paper box and lids allow for custom height, ergonomic sitting and leg propping for stretching/pain relief.


















#24 Coffee creamer container keeps sunflower seeds contained and easy to travel to baseball games.










#25 Old Propane grill custom painted and then turned into a planter.










#26 Pallet edge rounded and hung on a fence to deer-proof a garden.











#27 Old ceiling fan parts repurposed into a dragonfly decoration.










#28 Old 5 panel door and leftover crown molding turned into a headboard.










#29  Old entertainment console modified to work for a new flatscreen.










#30 Old urban-chicken coop  turned into yard art.












#31 Old toddler bed with foot board cut in half to become arms, old planks for a base, and leftover paint becomes  a bench for plants and yard art critters.