Energy Goal Celebration, Friday April 22nd

LiveGreen is extremely proud of the efforts the Nebraska Medicine and University of Nebraska Medical Center Campus has undertaken in order to be more sustainable!

YOU are an integral part of this campus and the simple choices you make every day help us to achieve or goals.

We’ve done so well, we think we need to celebrate…and there’s no better day to do that than Earth Day!!

Who: Everybody on campus!

When: Friday, April 22nd from 11:30 to 1:30

Where: Nebraska Cafe Entrance (by the healing gardens) OR Storz Pavilion Entrance, main level

What: Come to either location to learn about the incredible strides this campus has made over the past 5 years in the reduction of peak energy use and overall energy use.  Doing so has helped keep operating costs low, positively impacted air quality in Omaha which helps to keep all of us healthier, and made us a leader among academic health science institutions!

Most of us take energy availability for granted.  We walk into a room and flip on a light and don’t ever wonder if it will turn on.  We don’t worry if the items in our refrigerator will spoil because the power will cut out in the middle of the day.  But what if you had to produce the energy you used?  How long would you have to work to produce the energy to run the lights in your living room?  Or power your refrigerator?  Or worse…the air conditioner?!?

We’ll have those answers for you as well as several FREE ITEMS for you to take  to help you save energy, and money, in your own home!