2016 RePurpose It Contest Entries

Thank you for voting!  Your winners are:

  • Grand Prize, Winner of Popular Vote:
    • #18 Grace Johnson, Physical Therapy Education; Copy paper box into standing desk and storage
      • Receives a 20 minute chair massage from the Wellness Center ($20 Value) and $25 Gift Card to Union Junktion Store.
  • Second Place:
    • #1 Nichole Niehus, Interventional Radiology; Pallet into wine rack
      • Receives a $25 Gift Card from Paradigm Gardens
  • Winner selected by Habitat for Humanity Restore:
    • # 24 EVS “Brighten Your Day Committee” Debra Duke, Olga Echevarria, Tami Howell, Louis Liddick, Peter McClure, Debra Roberts, Kathy Struck, Annette Traurig, & Marie Weilandt; Wooden hangers into a lamp
      • Receives a Habitat Restore $25 gift certificate
  • 2 Winners selected by LiveGreen Committee:
    • #10, Rachel Meyer, OHSCU; Chest of drawers/shelving systems into dollhouse with carport
      • Receives a gift certificate to The Company Store
    • #5, Saralyn Fisher, INBRE Program; Old door, table, shelves, and trim into potting bench
      • Receive a UNMC Bookstore Prize Pack
  • Winner selected by Verdis Group:
    • #19 Cassandra Recek, General Supply; Cardboard packing material into seed starting trays
      • Receives an ALTER EGO personal water filtration duo, courtesy of Pulp–Paperie and Gifts

All entries are still shown here:

(1) Unused pallet repurposed into 2 (1 shown) wine racks.


(2) Unusable “aqua globe” plant water-ers repurposed into a “bubble garden”; an all season yard decoration.

(3) Defunct computer parts repurposed into a 1’x2′ skyline diorama.

(4) Gallon juice jug repurposed into a rock salt scoop.

(5) An old door, cabinet, shelves, trim, and paint, repurposed into a decorative and functional potting bench…with repurposed decorations.

(6) Piece of wood & vintage glass cupboard knobs repurposed into a necklace holder.

(7) Old gravy boat and silverware repurposed into a windchime.

(8) Removed tree stump repurposed into porch decoration.

(9) Mason jar, twine, and doily repurposed into a candle holder.

(10) Chest of drawers repurposed into a dollhouse.

(11) Wine bottle holder repurposed into a rack to hold craft markers.

(12) Children’s hangers, pieces of ribbon, and shower curtain rings repurposed into a hair accessory holder/organizer.

(13) Vanity chair and old planter repurposed into a deck planter, with craft beads repurposed into a sun catcher.

(14) Pallets repurposed into recycle bin holder.

(15) Ice cream bucket and scrap fabric repurposed into an organizing container for sewing supplies; could also be used for gardening, crafting, fishing, etc.

(16) Flour sifter, vintage egg beater, cookie cutters and mini-grater repurposed into a wind chime.

(17) Old door frame with hooks repurposed into coat rack with shelf.

(18) Copy paper box repurposed into a standing desk; can also be used to raise monitor and for storage of items.

(19) Cardboard packing materials from iPad lined with coffee filter repurposed into seed starter trays.

(20) CD cases repurposed into a photo cube decoration.

(21) Wood fence plank and leftover paint repurposed into a motivational sign/decoration.

(22) Old kettle repurposed into a planter.

(23) Leftover conduit spray painted and added glass door knobs (could be anything) repurposed into a curtain rod that won’t sag in middle.

(24) Wooden hangers repurposed into a lamp.

(25) Wooden hangers repurposed into a dish rack.

(26) Wooden hangers repurposed into a table.

27) Excess plastic pellets from treatment mask system with warm water and an old washer repurposed into a bottle/vial opener.

(28) Old entertainment center modified and repurposed into a kitchen shelf and microwave holder.

(29) Creamery can, motorcycle tire rim, and wash basin repurposed into a beverage cooler for the backyard.

(30) Pallets repurposed into a potting bench.

(31) Card catalog from UNK library repurposed into nursing supply holder in assessment lab.

(32) Old scrubs repurposed into cloth napkins, eliminating need for paper napkins and paper towels.

(33) Filing cabinet, portion of the top of an old bar, and towel rods repurposed into a kitchen island.

(34) Decorative facial tissue box repurposed into stylish plastic bag holder in bathroom; plastic shopping bags are repurposed into bathroom trash bags.

(35) Vintage chamber pot and scrap wire repurposed into a planter with wire man decoration.

(36) Cigar boxes repurposed to hold scrap fabric and small sewing supplies.