2015 Repurpose It Contest Entries

(1) Old Dresser repainted, repaired, and resurfaced; Repurposed Into a New Kitchen Island, paint and drawer pulls were repurposed from other projects.

(2) Old Rotary Hoe Disassembled and Welded into Flower Yard Art, painted with paint from another project. Family members now have a piece of family history.

(3) Leftover Home Project supplies (lumber, siding, shingles) along with large shipping Pallets, Repurposed into a New Dog House for a German Shepard.

(4) Leftover Floorboard Planks from a home renovation project assembled and appliqued, Repurposed into Wall Art that matches the house.

(5) Light Switch and Electrical Outlet Covers, decoupaged with old maps and pictures.  Repurpose the cover material and ugly plate cover; remember a trip, decorate a kids room, etc. while creating unique decoration.

(6) Old Bowling Balls painted and accessorized; Repurposed into Snowmen Decorations

bowling ball snowman3

(7) Antique spool cleaned and repainted; Repurposed into a Patio Table

(8) Hail damaged Fence, Siding, and other Lumber Repurposed into a frame/base for a Backyard Ice Skating Rink.

(9) Old File cabinet painted and repaired, Repurposed for New Storage.

(10) Pallet, Old Table Legs, and a Planter assembled and painted; Repurposed into a Patio Table with Built-in Cold Storage for Drinks.

(11) Wine Bottle cut and hung with loop and cork; Repurposed into a Wind Chime.  Pendant was made by melting other Glass Scraps in a mold.

(12) Old Windows painted and backed, Repurposed into Family Photo Frames.

(13) Pallets assembled and Repurposed into a Backyard Compost Bin.  Slats allow air circulation and access to moisture, with door that swings open for easy access.

(14) Incandescent Light-bulbs painted and decorated; Repurposed into Holiday Decorations.

(15) Banged up Kitchen cabinets from the Restore repaired, repainted and Repurposed into a Fish Tank stand with storage.

(16) Old Stair Boards, Shutters, Curtain Rod, and Fence lumber Repurposed into a functional, movable, Kitchen Island.

(17) Pallets from the Restore cut, assembled, and painted; Repurposed into a Raised  Feeding Station for Dogs.

(18) Old Bench and Table repaired, repainted, and decoupaged; Repurposed into a new Kitchen Table Booth.

(19) Old Window repainted and backed; Repurposed as a way to Hang, Display, and Protect a Family Quilt.

(20) Old Cabinet Door and Mounting Plate from a keyboard tray Repurposed into a desk extender/keyboard tray.  Matches the desk and no keyboard tray is needed underneath.

(21) Old kitchen countertops (laminate, tile, and wood) Repurposed into new countertops instead of sending them to the landfill.  Coated with a cement like substance that covered all surfaces and is durable for kitchen use.  Island was built from old base cabinets and tiled top (refinished on this project). Cabinet above sink and Plate Holder Rack assembled from other cabinet pieces.

(22) Old Suitcases  cleaned up and painted; Repurposed into Snow/Holiday Decorations.

(23) Pallets, plastic bags, and plastic pop bottles(in the bags) Repurposed into a Flotation Device, seaworthy on Zorinsky Lake.

(24) Console Table cut down, painted, and repaired; Repurposed into a Coffee Table with storage.

(25) Upper Kitchen Cabinet with handles removed, re-stained, and legs added Repurposed into a Bench, with storage, to take shoes on/off when coming in the house.

(26) Old Tires, Garden Hose, Electrical Cord, Scrap Vinyl, and Light fixtures repurposed into “Minions” for yard art and fun planters for kids or plant protectors (when upside down).

(27) Old Chair repainted and Repurposed as Planter in a backyard.

(28) Broken Center Irrigation Pivot Repurposed as a giant Swingset/Jungle Gym for kids and adults.

(29) Disassembled Boards from Pallets and Fence Pickets sanded and stained; Repurposed into a Table with a patterned design.

(30) Broken fence gate turned sideways and painted, Repurposed as Americana Yard Art.

(31) Old Sewing Table with defunct sewing machine removed, refinished, and Repurposed as a not-too-big Computer Desk with storage.


(32) Chairs and a variety of pieces of Lumber/Table Legs from the Restore repainted and assembled, Repurposed as a Dining Room Table.

(33)Curb Blocks and Bricks from the original street in front of the house; Repurposed as Landscaping Tiers to provide support for stairs and prevent erosion.

(34) Antique Milk Can repainted and Repurposed as a Decoration in the yard in front of a house.

(35) Stone Samples destined for the trash Repurposed as a Backyard Walking Path.

(36) Large Kitchen Cabinet repainted and covered with kitchen grade plywood, Repurposed as a Bench used in a Bathroom that also has storage.

(37) Grill Stand/Cart with grill removed, and Salvaged Deck Rails; assembled and Repurposed into an easily-movable Potting Bench.  Utensil holder now holds tools and tank holder wire holds a trash bag or wet gloves for drying.

(38) Holiday Popcorn Tin repainted and decorated; Repurposed as an Airtight Cat Food Storage Container.

(39) Old, Gold, Large Picture Frame repainted and Repurposed as  Shadow Box holding Wedding keepsakes.  Extra Tulle from the wedding dress is used as decoration inside.

(40) 96 Christmas Tree Ornaments painted and Repurposed as a 4 foot long Decorative Garland.