RePurpose It Contest Entries 2020

Please take a look at all of the RePurpose It Contest Entries below.  At the bottom of this page is a link for you to vote for your top 2 choices:

1. Bicycle wheels used as a trellis for plants.







2. Cardboard boxes, bottles, and tubes used to make a toy car garage and a spaceship.  Next he decided to make a carwash with boxes, pompoms, balloons and feathers.







3. Cigar box turned cell phone holder for distraction free family time.






4. Inside of an old piano now holds necklaces and bracelets.





5. Desk frame rebuilt with an old window frame turned into a desktop for a new desk.





6. Wooden milk crates and old casters turned into a coffee table with storage.







7. Fabric originally tie-dyed for pillowcases turned into a tablecloth for robotic competitions.







8. A file organizer (for height), 3 ring binder (to prop), and old book (prevent sliding) hold an iPad for zoom meetings at home.







9. Old glass jars used for storage and meal prepping overnight oats.







10. Barnwood and horseshoes used to make a towel rack.






11. Scrap fabric and old jeans turned into a functional hotpad.






12. Old wagon wheels make for an interesting way to stack firewood.







13. Wine gift box now functions as an under-desk filing cabinet for working at home.







14. Science class project to grow butterfly plants uses a 2 liter bottle and scrap string creating a self-watering planter.







15. Odds and ends from around the house (china plates, keys, lids, branches) become decorative owls.







16. Pringles can wrapped with leftover wood veneer creates a bank.






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