RePurpose It Contest Entries 2019

1)Modern Accent Side Table with wood top










2) Organized and easy to grab tissue paper








3) Pantry organizer: keeps items upright which allows for better use of space, and loose ramen under control.










4) Decorated to keep small containers organized and diapers easy to grab–handy for a multiple floor house with multiple kids in diapers.











5) Using water resistant command strips, attached to bath tub wall to hold products, hole side down to allow water to drain.










6) Painted, glittered (consider carefully!), and attached to inner cabinet door to hold hair care instruments and keep cords under control.










7) Keeps patterns, yarn, and needles safe next to the couch.










8) Placed in caddy to help keep small product jars separate and easy to find.











9) Painted, decorated with dominoes from an incomplete set, and used to store misc. items.









Not for voting, as they physically didn’t get reused, but these containers were repurposed into art. Thanks for sharing Teresa Hartman!