Do you dry your hands correctly? I know it sounds like a silly question. If your hands are dry, you’ve done it correctly, right? I beg to differ. Did you know Americans use 13 million pounds of paper towels every year? Just on this campus, we currently use 7,750 miles of paper towels every year. […]

Since 2011, LiveGreen has been proud to help the campus celebrate Earth Day by planning a week’s worth of activities, known on campus as Earth Week. This year, Earth Week will be held April 20-24. Last year you asked for more notice of these events. LiveGreen is proud to announce our bigger and better line-up […]

Last fall we started a process to provide more alternatives to transport people to work in ways other than a single occupant vehicle.  As we work on these Active Transportation options, the most common concern we hear revolves around the cost of parking: Why do we have to pay to park here?  Where does all […]

by Anne Rivas I intended to write this article a month ago, but it was warm then and the subject didn’t seem important.  Now it’s cold again and the seed heads I purposely left in my garden are either depleted or frozen to the ground under the weight of the snow we had a little […]

As announced in Nebraska Medicine Now and  UNMC Today, lab coats with the old brand will be retired Aug. 15. Some of you already have new coats and others will be getting them soon. That led to the question: what can we do with the old one besides sending it to the landfill? LiveGreen set […]