LiveGreen Ambassador

LiveGreen Ambassadors support UNMC/Nebraska Medicine’s mission to lead the world in creating a healthy future for all by fostering a culture of sustainability at UNMC/Nebraska Medicine to facilitate the achievement of their Sustainability Master Plan goals. The Office of Sustainability will provide training, resources and support for all LiveGreen Ambassadors. The LiveGreen Ambassadors will continue to integrate sustainability into UNMC/Nebraska Medicine by modeling behaviors, providing colleagues with information, helping individuals use tools to implement sustainability initiatives, listening to colleagues’ ideas for sustainability on campus and conveying those ideas to the Office of Sustainability.


Program description

The LiveGreen Ambassador program is an employee engagement structure to engage volunteers passionate about incorporating sustainability into their role and department at UNMC/NM and receive additional training and support to do so. The Office of Sustainability supports the Ambassadors.

First Campaign:  Waste Less. Recycle More. @ Lunch!

Second Campaign: Med Center on the Move!

Click here for PDF of LiveGreen Ambassador FAQs